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The 2022 West Islip School Budget Vote and Trustee Elections were one for the record books. The community passed the West Islip School Budget by a two-to-one margin, approved all propositions, and elected Tom Compitello, Grace Kelly, and Pete McCann to the school board. With increased voter turnout and so much at stake in the election, there were more winners than just the candidates vying for seats on the school board. School budgets and board elections have never been about national politics or partisan issues in West Islip. They have been about doing what is right for kids! The community of West Islip won on election day, and below are some other very important winners from this year’s voting.

Winner: Students

Students won big in this election. Because of the election results, the West Islip Community can expect our public schools to continue the excellent traditions of academic rigor, free thought, and diverse opinions. As a result of this election, all students can expect to find West Islip schools to be an environment that is welcoming and accepting.

Winner: Parents

Parents were winners in this election. West Islip parents can expect their children to be cared for and treated with dignity and respect. Parents can expect that curricula will reflect the culture of the West Islip community and include all viewpoints and members.

Winner: Teachers

Teachers also won in this election. The results of this election make it clear that the West Islip Teachers are respected and admired for the job we do, helping students realize their potential and become the best versions of themselves.

Winner: Unionism and Our Local Unions 

Members drive local unions from the bottom up. West Islip Teachers stepped up in the spirit of unionism and worked to get pro-student, pro-teacher, and pro-public education candidates elected to the West Islip School Board. These are community members who will serve in the best interests of our members, the students we teach, and the families that make up the West Islip Community.


Getting the message out and overcoming propaganda and misinformation generated by anti-student and anti-public education groups and candidates require considerable work and money. Without West Islip Teachers’ generous voluntary VOTE COPE donations, the efforts needed to reach our community would not be possible. In addition to member donations, locals who requested it benefited from a NYSUT matching grant (generated by VOTE COPE dollars), which doubled the power of our member dollars. These grants allowed WITA and other locals across Long Island to fight for what is right for our kids, teachers, and schools. VOTE COPE dollars were crucial to achieving the electoral outcome for which we are proud today.

We thank you all for your continued support of VOTE COPE, which was instrumental in the effort here in West Islip. We also thank you for your support of school budgets and candidates who seek to preserve and protect our profession in West Islip and your home community. 

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