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A Message from the Board of Directors

As June comes to a close and we start making the most of the summer months, we want to thank you for all you have done this past year. It has been challenging, but by standing together, we have remained strong and navigated the circumstances we faced. Throughout this year, as we have through all others, West Islip Teachers have shown that our schools are welcoming and open places where students, parents, and educators can come together. We have shown that the teachers are the foundation of West Islip Schools, and those schools are the bedrock of the community. So, as you take the following weeks to rest, rejuvenate, and relax, take a few moments to reflect on the impact you have on the students with whom you interact. We hope you feel a sense of pride and satisfaction in those moments of reflection. Enjoy this well-deserved time with your loved ones.

We would also like to acknowledge and thank those members who have retired this past year. Their efforts and contributions as educators in the West Islip School District will help shape the future of our communities, our nation, and society for decades to come as their students leave their impact on our world.

We extend our best wishes and thanks to the 2022 retirees below: Tamra Burns, Michelle Bugliari, Linda Condreras, James Dooley, Kristin Grossi, Sue Koos, Lynn Larsen, Thomas Larsen, Sal LoSardo, Christine McCann, Annette Musteric, Linda Schmid, Joanne Sheridan, Donna Villez.

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