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A Message from the WITA Board of Directors

Election day is Tuesday, November 7th, and early voting across New York has begun. One of the most important actions we can take to advocate for our interests as union members is to participate in the electoral process, and we encourage you to be involved. For more information, if you want to find an early voting site or your polling location, use the links below.

  • For information about Nassau County Early Voting, click HERE
  • For information about Suffolk County Early Voting, click HERE
  • To find your election day poll site, click HERE

While the West Islip Teachers’ Association’s focus is always on our local Board of Education Trustee and Budget vote, we also support our fellow NYSUT members in advocating for their interests. Community college budgets are determined by the legislators elected to local county governments. As a result, they have some of the same responsibilities that our local BOE trustees have. These fellow NYSUT members have endorsed candidates they believe will be most beneficial to their members. You can find the list of candidates that they have selected below.

Proposition 1 is a proposal to change the NY State Constitution to increase the debt limits of small city school districts. Currently, these districts have limited ability to expand and improve their schools and to maintain and repair facilities. This proposal would give small city districts the same opportunities to budget and borrow for capital projects that their rural and suburban counterparts have had for decades. NYSUT supports this proposal and strongly encourages voting YES on Proposition 1. For more information, click HERE.

Remember to vote this election season and make your voice heard!



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