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A Message from the WITA Board of Directors

The West Islip Teachers’ Association has always worked on behalf of all our members when they face inequities at the local level, and NYSUT has done the same at the state level. One of the most egregious inequities that a growing number of our members face is that resulting from the establishment of Tier 6. NYSUT has made reforming this one of their top legislative priorities.

It is important that you are aware of some of the benefit changes made to the retirement system through the creation of Tier 6, including modifications to the contribution rate and period, length of service, and age requirement to receive a pension. Each of these changes will reduce the retirement benefits for those hired after April 1, 2012, despite doing the same job as those employed before this date.

Tier 6

NYSUT has launched a campaign to improve the retirement benefits that all Tier 6 public employees will receive. We’ve done this before and can do it again. In 2001, after years of lobbying, Tier 4 members saw their 3% employee contribution rate reduced to zero after ten years. Previously, they had been required to contribute for their entire career. Members of all pension tiers came together and used their collective power to change the retirement system for their current and future colleagues. With your help, we can achieve this kind of success once again.

Please click HERE to support the Fix Tier 6 Team and receive more information about the next steps in their campaign.  

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