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A Message from the Executive Board

Each year NYSUT’s Executive Board endorses candidates in state and federal elections whom it believes to be the most pro-public education and pro-labor candidates on the ballot. These endorsements are based on whom they think will unite us and provide the greatest support for public schools regardless of party lines. They are candidates who will fight for issues that matter to NYSUT members, such as funding for public schools, tier equity, and safe schools for all, to name just a few.

Support for NYSUT-endorsed candidates has resulted in a suspension of APPR requirements for an additional year, elimination of the edTPA exam, reducing the Tier 6 employee vesting period from ten to five years of service, and an overall increase of 7.2% in school aid totaling 31.2 billion dollars. 

Please remember to vote on November 8th or visit any Early Voting Poll Site during operating hours. To find your Polling Place or an Early Voting Poll Site, click the following link:




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