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A Message from the Executive Board

Today is SRP Recognition Day, so please join us in thanking the School-Related Professionals (SRP) of the West Islip School District. SRP is a broad category that includes many of the non-instructional staff who keep schools running daily. Our SRPs in West Islip have always done an incredible job and, indeed, rose to the challenge of the pandemic, allowing a safe return to the classroom.

Our SRPs include cafeteria aides and workers, who ensure food is served daily, and the custodians and trade workers who maintain our facilities. They include West Islip’s nurses, paraprofessionals, school bus aides and drivers, and our school security. Our secretaries, teacher aides, and teaching assistants, whose responsibilities grow daily, are also our School-Related Professionals.

Please join us in thanking all of the School-Related Professionals whose work ensures the success of the West Islip Schools each day!


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