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We would also like to congratulate our colleagues who received tenure this year. This is an important milestone in an educator's career, and we are proud to work alongside these outstanding teachers who give so much to their students. Four years may sound like a long time when said aloud, but it does nothing to capture the daily effort, dedication, compassion, and energy they bring to the classroom. The mentorship, guidance, and relationships they have built will impact their students beyond the classroom and make them an asset to our school community.


June 2023 Tenure Appointments

  • John Koroneos
  • Stephany Camacho
  • Brittany DiLuciano
  • Danielle Dischley
  • Kristen Doherty
  • Annelise Muscietta
  • Jaquelyn Vaysman
  • Caitlin DeGirolamo
  • Kerri Handel
  • Marissa Villani
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