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A Message from the Board of Directors

As we prepare to begin another school year, we hope the summer has provided you with a healthy, restful, and relaxing opportunity to enjoy life at a slower pace. This school year brings some changes, and with all change comes opportunity.

We want to welcome our new Superintendent, Dr. Paul Romanelli, to the district. He comes to us from Long Beach Public Schools, where he was Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction. We look forward to working with him in the coming years.

We also welcome a more normal beginning of the school year, without many of the protocols and modifications of the past few years, but with the benefit of the many lessons learned. We found strengths we may not have known, came together, relied on each other, built bonds, and connected with students and staff under the most challenging circumstances.

This year we are also fortunate to welcome what promises to be an outstanding group of new teachers. The WITA Executive Board had the opportunity to meet eighteen of our new members at their New Teacher Orientation. This year we welcome:

  • Katherine Bayern      Paul J. Bellew                          Speech
  • Seamus Burns           High School                             Technology
  • Kasey Connelly         Bayview                                    Special Education
  • Danielle Crihfield     Paul J. Bellew/Manetuck       Art
  • John Denninger        High School                             Physical Education
  • Annmarie Katzer      Oquenock                                Reading
  • Kelly Minicozzi          Bayview/ Paul J. Bellew        Counselor
  • Stephanie Nicou       Manetuck/Oquenock            Music
  • Kaitlin Palmieri          High School                             Psychologist
  • Ashley Pope               Beach                                       Technology
  • Brittany Probst          High School                             Mathematics
  • Grixon Moreira          Beach                                       World Languages
  • Tracy Suczewski         Udall                                        English
  • Keri Magennis            Bayview                                  Kindegarten
  • Danielle Barclay         Paul J. Bellew                         Pre-K
  • Ashley Caputo            Bayview                                  Pre-K
  • Tiffany Kallman          Paul J. Bellew                         Grade 1
  • Marissa McAllister    Manetuck                               Pre-K
  • Danielle Sugumele    Bayview                                  Grade 3
  • Alysha Walker            Paul J. Bellew                         Grade 1

We believe their enthusiasm, energy, and ideas will add to our strengths, and we wish them success!

Superintendent’s Conference Day will see us gather as a district for the first time in a long time. The schedule is complete, and there is much to accomplish in a single day. While WITA was not included during the morning session, the leadership will be available to meet with any member who has concerns they would like to discuss or to catch up throughout the morning.

Some have reached out with questions about the continued use of IDs to swipe in/out each day. We have met with District Office on several occasions throughout the summer and obtained a two-hour reduction in the number of Professional Development hours required in exchange for the continued use of IDs to swipe in and out daily.

We want to thank you for your continued hard work, which has allowed us to overcome unimaginable circumstances. This was done by working together, during a time that required us to be separated. We wish you continued success and look forward to seeing you throughout the coming school year!

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