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A Message from the WITA Board of Directors

The WITA Board of Directors, at our meeting on April 19th, voted unanimously to endorse Matthew Levy, Christina Marks, and current BOE President Anthony Tussie for the West Islip Board of Education.

Each of these candidates possesses the experience, professionalism, and maturity to carry out the role of Board Trustee in a way that is most beneficial to the schools and the community. Each of these candidates is a parent with children currently attending our public schools. 

In a time of ever-changing mandates for schools, safety and security issues, the need for greater equity and access to programs for students, and the challenge of keeping taxes as low as possible, Matthew Levy, Christina Marks, and Anthony Tussie are the right choice for West Islip. 

The West Islip Teachers’ Association has endorsed these accomplished and capable leaders because of their commitment to doing what’s best for kids.

For those who are eligible to vote in West Islip, please mark your ballots for the WITA-endorsed candidates:

Matthew Levy

  • Healthcare CEO
  • Parent of three children attending West Islip Public Schools
  • Active in the community
  • Adept at Budget/Finance
  • Supports Students
  • High Standards
  • Transparent and Accountable

Christina Marks

  • Law Professional
  • Parent of two children attending West Islip Public Schools
  • PTA Leader
  • Adept at Contracts/Policy
  • Supports Students
  • High Standards
  • Transparent and Accountable

Anthony Tussie

  • Current BOE President
  • Middle School Educator
  • Parent of four children attending West Islip Public Schools
  • Focus on Physical Health, Social and Emotional Learning
  • Supports Students
  • High Standards
  • Transparent and Accountable


Please click here to read the letters sent by each candidate to voters in the West Islip Community to learn more about them.

Be sure to VOTE on Tuesday, May 16th, at West Islip High School from 7 am to 9 pm.

NYSUT Locally Endorsed Board of Education Candidates

NYSUT locals across Long Island endorse candidates in their community board of education trustee votes each year. These endorsements are not made lightly and reflect the understanding and belief that the candidates selected reflect the values of our union. These candidates believe in public education and are deserving of our support.  Below is a list of candidates endorsed by reporting locals across Long Island.

In addition, our neighboring local, the Babylon Teachers’ Association, is seeking the support of NYSUT members who live in their community to pass their proposed budget. They are one of two districts on Long Island that are attempting to override the Tax Cap. Even if their budget passes, they face the possibility of over 20 teachers being excessed. If you live in Babylon, please support our fellow teachers, and support the budget proposed by the Babylon School district for the 2023-24 school year.



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